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20 Strategies to reduce printing

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Paperless Strategies Part 1

Put eForms to use anywhere>
Transform any paper-driven forms process into an electronic, paperless one using an eForms Management suite.Eliminate Paper .

Remove data barriers.
Solution Used - Formatta eForms Suite
Stop Printing reports
Use a report mining tool .Reports are everywhere . It is almost certain that reports generally do not really need to be printed . Datawatch's Monarch has the ability to mine,extract, prepare,and distribute data .
Solution Used- Datawatch Monarch
Implement Index and store at point of creation!!
If you are printing internal documents , making photocopies , or scanning them back again , it is time to think again . All internally printed documents should go through a forms creation middleware that indexes , creates both hardcopy and softcopy in the form of a searchable PDF and stores it either in Sharepoint or a ECM/EDMS .
Solution Used - Megaform Suite
Deliver High Quality Original Documents without paying a Sen.
New Technologies allow secure encryption and actual decryption done by the physical printer . This , along with the ability of Print Management software that allows for documents to be printed by one employee and the destination to be set as another employee allows for the solution to replace document delivery which costs time and money . At the same time , delivery is instant , and original documents are printed

Solution Used - Jetmobile Securejet
Feature Used : Securejet Encryption
Implement ECM
It will make you free .
Think seriously about a world class EDMS .
Relying on paper to power your processes is an antiquated approach. It is never too soon to get your documents and data off paper and into one secure system . Paper, by way of applications, resumes, receipts, work orders, invoices, bills, and more, consumes time across an organization because of the way the company interacts with it. Human resources, accounts payable and receivable, facilities management -- even the holy grail of all business, customer service – are all affected by the way paper is handled. Slow processing, difficulty retrieving files, incomplete information, duplicate work – all are productivity killers and customer service nightmares for a business just trying to stay competitive.
Solution Used - Hyland Onbase ECM

Paperless Strategies Part 2

Enforce Company Wide Cost Savings Policy
for Duplex and Color Printing
Securejet is the only Solution where Color Access and Duplex Rules are still enforced when Active Directory and DNS are not reachable .
Solution Used - Securejet Rules Based Printing
Solution Used - Securejet Individual Rights Management
Image-Enable Your ERP or Core Application
Paperless Initiatives become close to meaningless when your major application , core systems and main software that run your business cannot access the images , documents , information and data stored in your EDMS ,Hyland Onbase integrates to more than 500 major applications and also has the ability to integrate without the use of any programing , and suddenly , applications that do not deal well with images , and therefore not good with paperless initiatives are no longer a problem .
Solution Used - Hyland Onbase Application Enabler
Move Data as quickly and as accurately as you can into Excel .
For many users , once data hits Microsoft Excel , they work very fast , the challenge is how to get information into Excel extremely accurately and incredibly quickly . Serial Data provides 3 different tools to achieve this and make paperless even better by converting , extracting and delivering the data to Excel in the fastest and most acccurate way possible .
Solution Used - Datawatch Monarch
Solution Used - eCopy ePPO and eCopy Sharescan
Use Power PDF Tools
Any and every paperless goal must surely provide users with the power to create , manipulate , convert PDF. Nunace eCopy PDF Pro is the world's best alternative to Adobe Professional .
Solution Used - Nuance ePPO
Rapidly distribute required reading documents and media to their entire workforce,
OnBase’s Document Knowledge Transfer and Compliance (DKT) module enables organizations to rapidly distribute required reading documents and media to their entire workforce, ensuring all employees have access to the most up-to date versions of required materials and that timelines for review and acknowledgement are enforced.

Solution Used - Hyland Onbase Document Knowledge Transfer Module

Reducing Document Costs

Automate Entire Conveyor Belt of thousands of Legacy Report and Eliminate Massive printing using Datawatch Server - Automation
Datawatch Automation relies on the Data Trapping Modelling capabilities and adds complete automation , so that reports across an entire organization will flow into the Logic and configured delibery capabilities , completely eliminating all report printing in organizations . PDF files can also be ingested and data extracted without the PDF files ever having to be printed and read manually .
Remove data barriers.
Solution Used - Datawatch Server - Automation
Deter Losses due to Data Leakage and Irresponsible printing behavior
Securejet Job Stamping module stamps pertinent information related to office printed document that enables the capability to trace the original person who prints it , at which device and date and time . The information can alternatively be stored in a micro Q-R 2D barcode
Solution Used - Securejet Job Stamping
Dramatically reduce security paper costs by implementing Hardcopy Security in the office
Copy Evident Pantographs can be generated inside the office , from any applications and this is done with normal printer , normal toner and normal paper , making cost savings concrete , with the elimination of per page cost of security paper .
Solution Used - Troy TSPE
Deter Fraud with capable tools that generate microprinting with variable data on Office printers and applications. Microprinting is one of many anti-counterfeiting techniques used most often on bank checks,but easily applicable in any other document of note . Microprinting involves printing very small text, usually too small to read with the naked eye, onto the note or item.
Solution Used - Megaform
Automate Accounts Payable
Think seriously about a world class EDMS .
Relying on paper based 3 way matching approach is never going to beat a well organized paperless based workflow that automates the accounts payable process

Solution Used - Hyland Onbase ECM with Workflow

Paperless Strategies Part 3

Direct to Sharepoint
Drive even harder to convert paper-driven forms process into an electronic, paperless one by scanning , and Indexing direct to Sharepoint , or any supported ECM .

At the sme time , enjoy Nuance Sharescan's capability to scan into formats that most MFP's are not able to .
Solution Used - Nuance Sharescan
Integrate with Automation Hardware
There are at least 5 different integrations to think about as far as Distribution of printing is concerned . After Printing , customer would generally need to either seal or staple , or use inserting/enveloping machines . Both Jetmobile Bardimm's FreeScape Feature and Megaform's form design capabilities makes it easy to deal with
  • Redesign for sealing machines
  • Stapling and tray selection commands
  • OME Marks for Inserting machines
  • Advanced Sequence OMR Marks for Inserting Machine security
    Solution Used - Jetmobile Bardimm Freescape
    Solution Used : Megaform
Significantly Reduce Chances of pranksters digitally altering your documents
And misrepresenting either the data or the document , by implementing encrypted 2D Barcodes on office generated documents , enhancing internally generated documents with enterprise quality protection
Solution Used - Megaform Suite
Solution used - Jetmobile Bardimm
Use your mobile as a powerful enterprise non paper tool
With Hyland Onbase , workflow , approvals and retrieving documents using your mobile makes it another way of not relying on paper . With Formatta , the Mobile device becomes a powerful data capture tool , and Jetmobile suite makes Printing from mobile easy

Solution Used - Jetmobile Securejet
Solution used : Hyland Onbase Mobile Module
Solution Used : Formatta
Deal better with Legacy
The final goal is always to not get bogged down with old systems that are neither good with printing or imaging or integration with modern requirements
Think seriously about a world class EDMS .
Serial Data sdn bhd assures customers that we will provide the tools that make printing ,imaging , data extraction a no brainer with legacy systems . That should save you enought time , and time is money

Solution Used - Hyland Onbase ECM

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