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Managed Print Services

It should not be all about the Cost Per page .

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But You still need to print

Here is how to do it better

When you absolutely have to print , make sure your documents are more professional looking , protect your documents in the office before printing , during printing and after printing , add barcodes for automation , use middleware to remove Legacy systems , AS/400 and SAP printing challenges , and track everything for better accountability .

Reduce Printing

Costs and Volume

Increase Printing

Increase Printing Automation , Efficiency , Tracking , Security and Accountability

Reduce Printing

Solutions for Reducing Printing

Reduce your :
Printing Volume
Printing Costs
Color Printing
Simplex Printing .

20 Strategies to reduce printing or reduce printing costs

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Increase Printing

Solutions for Increasing Printing Effectiveness

Increase your :
Printing Output Capabilities
Printing Automation.
Printing Security
Printing Accountability
Printing presentation professionalism
Printing control- Take charge of ERP Printing , for example
Legacy System Printing Capabilities
Printing Integration with Mailing capabilities

When you really have to print , you need all the help you can get

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Solutions Partners in the News

Datawatch Corporation

Datawatch Corporation DWCH, today announced it was named one of the "20 Most Promising Healthcare Analytics Solutions Providers" by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine.

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Jetmobile wins HP award

In recognition of its outstanding contributions as a HP partner, Jetmobile today announced it has received the 2015 HP Partner Innovation Excellence Award Winner category.

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Most Popular Solutions

Bardimm Pro and Bardimm Box

With more than 20,000 Bardimms sold across Asia , customers across Asia use Bardimm for automation needs . Bardimm Pro is a internal solution for HP Laserjet machines that adds Barcode Intelligence to the printer or MFP by extending the PCL language . Bardimm Box is an external solution used for printers or MFP's that do not support the internal solution and is useful for older printers , cheaper low end printers and non HP printers and MFP's

Datawatch Monarch

Datawatch Monarch is an extremely popular software , that is at once a report mining tool , an indispensable companion for any Business Intelligence Initiative , an excellent data extraction tool for text and PDF files , and a great software to perfectly import data into Microsoft Excel for further analysis

Readsoft Invoices

ReadSoft’s invoice processing software automates the processes of scanning, interpreting, and filing of invoice data. No matter how invoices enter your organization – on paper or in any electronic form – the software intelligently extracts the important information and validates it according to a pre-defined set of rules. To simplify set-up, ReadSoft offers many different country-specific profiles, programmed with region-specific criteria like VAT rates, date formats, and currency characters. It’s an easy-to-install, out-of-the-box invoice processing solution that’s still adaptable to your business invoice management requirements

Onbase by Hyland

OnBase by Hyland, a leading enterprise content management software solution OnBase by Hyland helps you improve customer service, reduce operating costs and minimize risk. It does this by providing you with instant access to all your data, documents and business processes from wherever you are, whatever device you are using or application you are working in.

Securejet Serverless Pull Printing

Jetmobile SecureJet Enterprise provides an industry first enterprise-class server-less pull printing solution delivering secure pull printing with or without print job retention servers and authentication gateways or databases. With SecureJet’s server-less configuration, print jobs are stored on users’ PCs, pending their release from any printer in the organization, utilizing the Local Area Network (LAN) to handle printing traffic. Achieve the minimized network bandwidth benefits of direct IP printing with the security, cost savings and convenience of pull printing. Take server-less a step further by configuring the printers to authenticate directly against Active Directory.

New Malaysia implementations

Hong Leong subsidiary expands Invoice Processing Automation by embracing workflow technologies - MNI Paper - June 2015
Simplified Chinese Font DIMM's support Ramsay Sime Hospital's Legacy Systems printing from Hospital Information System - Ramsay Sime Hospital - June 2015
Coway expands Onbase usage across organization as it extends its paperless initiative - Coway - June 2015

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